LatherMitts: Reviewed and Approved

Bloggers have been testing out LatherMitts and sharing their expert parent perspectives.  We at LatherUp Co. are thrilled to share their posts and reviews:

I definitely prefer LatherMitts over traditional washcloths or fingerless wash mitts. They fit comfortably and give caregivers the dexterity needed to give a quick, thorough wash.
— Mindy, The Inquisitive Mom (
They worked really well for getting between fingers, toes, and other hard-to-reach places.
— MamaMittens (
They’re super soft and easy to use. I really wish I could’ve had these for her first bath...having them would’ve made bath time a little less frightening those first few times! These would make a great gift for a new mom or just for yourself.
— Raechel Sandoval (
The struggle of bathing your slippery baby...It can be dangerous. I remember I was soapy, he was soapy and I would be so afraid he’d slip from my hands. I would have loved these when my son was younger.
— Erinn Sluka (
When I first read about this product, I was a bit skeptical, but after receiving it, I wonder how I ever lived without it! My child is slippery. She wiggles and falls down into her bath each time we bathe her. LatherMitts have made it possible for me to keep her safe while washing her in her bath.
— Brooke (